April 01, 2012

Swindon Shimmyers hafla

Most memorable sight of the night?” John Sleimans’ martial art jump; I’ve never seen the man so smiley or exuberant!! It was quite novel and I enjoyed the experience which happened at the end of a rather nice evening. Jen, Kay, and I attended the gathering and saw among others the lovely and original Xenia of the Malmsbury Tribal Bellydance Group, Carrie from Brutal Bellydance who unusually was wearing a skirt, and Emma Pyke from Reading along with Covert Bling. I saw Helen Sleiman who both lead her Zakoura girls and did a lovely solo and Luisa and Gary Taylor were also there – she unashamedly strutted her stuff, a nice baladi number, and he playing photographer (Ashnah have yet to go to one of her haflas hmm.. should drop her a line!). There was a welcome new arrival on the scene, Diana Soraya so a big welcome to her! The programme was varied and interesting and a many warm thanks to the Swindon Shimmyers’ Sue Bickell for organising this party cum fundraiser.

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