October 22, 2020

Remembering Megha Gavin

Our ATS® world is in mourning for losing one of our foremost lights - Megha Gavin.  Her input into the FCBD® style along with her teaching made a huge impact globally, and Ashnah have been honoured many times to be taught by her.

Founder and co-director of Devyani Dance in Alabama, Megha Gavin was also the Administrator of the FatChance® / Tribal Pura International Sister Community and Continuing Education Programme.  In that capacity and along with Carolena Nericcio, this foremost pairing toured the world bringing with them their love of this art-form and teaching us all which we needed to learn.  We shall remember her as a gentle, charming soul with a lovely southern drawl, specifically her lilting ‘y’all’.


Rest in Peace Megha.

March 25, 2020

Turban Evening

My lovely Iridescence ladies I teach in Swindon asked for a turban evening - so, who was I to resist!!!  Chris hosted the evening in her house along with food and drinks, and we all came with fabrics, jewellery, flowers, pins and all manner of glittery objects to pin on, and I went over various headdress options from a sock bun, had much hilarity at the leggings turban, smaller headwraps, 'mock' turbans and finally leading up to the full turban.  I think the ladies favoured the leggings headdress as the most successful one - it being the most secure, simplest and looked great!

The ladies presented Rita and I with a lovely chocolate bouquet, sadly which didn't last long in my household nomnomnom.

Thank you ladies (for waiting on me as I had a bad back) and for a fun filled crazy evening!

March 08, 2020

Oxford Holi Festival

Ashnah were invited again to dance at this wonderfully colourful festival in aid of the Oxford Hindu Temple Project.  Along with our dance group, there was Dhol drumming and throwing colours (many people were covered in amazing vibrant paint colours), a kite flying competition, dancing with a narrated story of Holika, Holi Havan, Holi songs, many other dance groups along with some Bollywood, workshops and finishing off the day with more dancing and celebrations with a DJ.

With our Rita nursing an injured knee and stepping out for much of the faster elements of the dancing, we managed to turn out a good programme including our much favoured swords!