November 30, 2014

Barefoot hafla

Ashnah visited Aylesbury for this hafla, and one of our slots was a collaboration with Mahi tribe from Windsor.  The evening was hosted by the lovely ladies of Barefoot and their musicians, the Barefoot Band, and the evening's proceeds of £306.12 went to the, with a further £167.10 from Barefoot's Jennie's sari stall will go to schools in India, another noble charity.

We caught up with some familiar faces such as Fulya and Mim and also met ATS® troupe, Cat Barclay and her Jadoo’s Jingles who performed a lovely skirt number to a most wicked Calypso sounding rhythm.  As for the raffle prizes, they were the best I’d come across and miraculously, I won some Body Shop beauty products and some chocolates which we managed to finish halfway home; what else is it all about – dancing and chocolates!!!

Monster Mash hafla - Oxford

It was the designated fright night of the Carrie Nicholson calendar and we all rather too lightly ventured into her laird which turned out to be swamped with big black spiders!

She’d invited all sorts; there were representations from ghouls to sea monsters (well a rather fetching mermaid Zoe!) to ghosts (Rebellyon) and to us, rather stylishly and sparklingly masked!!   The programme included belly and fusion and my personal favourite which was performed by the ladies of Malmsbury Tribal who presented their creative Judderman choreo – nice one ladies

I’m glad to announce that mercifully, all of the Ashnah Troupe managed to make a safe escape.

Oasis and Day of the Dead hafla - Devon

All of Ashnah made this long awaited weekend!  As ever, our lovely Mama K lead us into a useful and interesting workshop in the afternoon and gave us something to take home for practice – this time, the slow rush hour fade which I’m really looking forward to nailing!!

After freshening up and changing at The Swan in Bampton (much recommended not least for its lush breakfast!), we headed to our party.  Both our Pips and Esme transformed into lovely flowery zombies (see photos) and my Kay and I decided to remain dull and boring.  We did our number which some succeeded in fluffing more than others (that’s me) but we did have a grand ol’ time – how could we not? Roll on December – thanks to all at Kalash for the organisation and the wonderful hospitality.