July 12, 2009


Kay and Phil went to camp for the weekend at Chepstow, as Kay was dancing with Barefoot Bellydance (Gypsy Caravan style and directed by Steffi Colbert) at the Two Rivers Festival. Great weekend, lovely weather, fab company and lots of fun and laughter. Thanks Barefoot ladies! We were sooo exhausted.

Ashnah goes Tribal

With the arrival of Agne, Ashnah is now venturing into a sideline of tribal bellydance here in Abingdon, so not only are we just including elements of tribal steps into our Ashnah style, we are now having separate sessions to learn Fat Chance Belly Dance tribal style. FCBD is an improvised style of dance with no choreography, just steps, combinations, cues and transitions to learn and remember. I’m looking forward to our first ‘public’ performance with this style, and just turning up with no choreography to remember, though don’t forget of course that Ashnah will continue to perform their original style too.

Tribal sessions are now being held at 7pm - 8pm on Wednesday's at Abingdon Conservative Club, Conduit Road/Ock Street. If you're interested in tribal bellydance and would like to try it out, please to contact ashnahbellydance@googlemail.com

Ashnah Performance Group rehearsals are at 8pm onwards, which is by invitation only.

Ashnah welcomes Agne

In April, Ashnah welcomed a new member, Agne, all the way from Poland (though she lives here in Abingdon of course, bit too far to travel otherwise). With the arrival of Agne, so it fires up the interest in tribal style dancing (yea)!

Birthdays 2009

Birthday meals this year so far, saw Kay’s being celebrated at the Parasol Chinese in Abingdon, Phil’s was a Chinese takeaway hosted at her house with dancing when the furniture was pushed out the way, Diane’s at an Indian in Didcot, Jen’s was lunch at Pizza Express after we’d danced at the Abingdon Day of Dance and Rita did hers in style by christening her new BBQ in the rain with many friends in her garden.

Oh dig em wellies!

Do I really know these people....... mmm

Hello Hello Hello

Another hot day, and this time Ashnah danced at an event in Botley organised by the Thames Valley Police, Abingdon.

Witney Hafla with Nikki Livermore

For the first time ALL 6 of Ashnah members performed the Prophecy stick dance. It took weeks of practice for all who haven’t performed this before, but as always, it was ‘alright on the night’.

Dancing Round Tables

Private party at a Bowls Club - a first for Ashnah - dancing at tables without choreography!!! That’s what Bellydance is all about!

Gypsy Caravan

Christmas 2008 I was invited to join the Barefoot troupe in Aylesbury. I’ve also signed up to do a 3 day workshop Collective Soul (with Barefoot Bellydance) with the famous Paulette Rees-Dennis from Gypsy Caravan followed by Tribal Vibe 2009.

Balkan Evening

Ashnah danced at a Balkan evening with the group Balkansko Oro. We had lovely evening watching and listening to the stories behind each dance, and then watched a dancer from London perform his exciting dance with a drum. Many thanks Sally for the food, drinks and hospitality in your amazing house. Photo’s

October 2008 Tribal Vibe

Photo's courtesy of Barefoot Bellydance

Philippa and I spent a weekend away doing workshops at Tribal Vibe in Aylesbury, organised by Steffi from Barefoot Tribal Bellydance. We both took part in a couple of Awalim workshops then Phil tried the African with Louisa Thomsen followed by the energetic workshop taught by Urban Gypsy (famous for Britain’s Got Talent) both of which she loved and they were such fun, exhilarating and exhausting. Amonst others, I did the zill workshop with Awalim which was brilliant and also the drum workshop run by the Barefoot band which was oh so fab (am now hooked). The first evening started off with an introduction workshop with Awalim from USA followed by supper, drinks and chatter. We picked up new moves to add to our repertoire and met other dancers from various groups.

Saturday started off with a walk to the local (complete in dance gear/costume) and had an spicy Indian samosa for breakfast mmm....... Following the workshops there was a show in the evening with dancers Urban Gypsy, Awalim, Barefoot, Tribe of Kismet and Fulya and performances from Barefoot and the Barefoot students in which I danced too. Fabulous show. Later back at the hotel we celebrated with drinks and an order of 15 pizzas at around midnight!!!!

Sunday more workshops and we staggered home in the late afternoon, tired and weary. Can't wait for 2009 Vibe!!!