April 20, 2012

Kalash - Oasis Workshops

Some of us at Ashnah started to attend Kalash’s ATS® workshops held in Tiverton, Devon. Don’t let the prospect of a 2-hour plus drive put you off (says the non driver!) as they’re certainly worthwhile. One Saturday every 3 months is given over to all levels of ATS® dancers and coming together as we do is a perfect opportunity to improve, tweak and strengthen our dancing let alone catch up with all and sundry. The day is hosted by the lovely ladies of Kalash, and lead by their most wonderful Kelley Beeston whose praises I can’t sing highly enough – firm, nurturing, warm and welcoming and oh, almost forgot, an endless font of knowledge (straight from FCBD® San Francisco itself)! I can’t recommend these workshops enough. We’ll unfortunately be missing the July one but roll on September!

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Carol Trialeye said...

Sorry I missed you at the last Oasis, it is brilliant to catch up and just DANCE. Well worth the drive (even longer would be ok)