October 28, 2016

Kae Montgomery UK Visit, Oxfordshire

fun day out at Henley
She came, she taught, and left us properly worked out, tweaked, and wanting more – the group is definitely looking forward to the next visit although we’re still on a high!

The lovely Kae Montgomery spent 5 days with us and on the programme apart from a little sightseeing to the lovely and oh so English town of Henley, was a weekend filled with workshops, a couple of which focussed on all aspects of solo performances and which carried on from each other, plus we also had workshops which included some of Kae’s own dialect.

all at sea
We kicked off the weekend with a terrific dinner dance which included African, Indian, Irish, and Middle Eastern flavours from Sunny; huge thanks to all the performers who so readily gave of their time to join us.  A majority of us managed a Saturday night outing to our local Indian where we danced in the restaurant.  The whole event was fabulous especially as we had in our midst new faces who joined the more familiar of our ever growing pool of friends – the atmosphere was so cosy and buzzing.

working us hard
Thank you all for your attendance and support; we couldn’t have done it without you!
discussion time
jollies at the restaurant

October 22, 2016

Oasis Workshop, Devon

Of course Ashnah went to Devon to attend this month’s gathering – our big circle included new faces from Froom who I hope had a fab time.  Later on that day, at the evening show, new blood was joined by fresh blood with the Nirzari ladies, Mel and Shereen joining us with their brood Mireya and Cillian respectively who were both as good as gold.  The show was wonderfully eclectic with the skirt winning the ‘prop of the evening’ award.  Show stopper of the night was the beautiful and haunting live rendition of Ederlezi which of course, I didn’t think of taping :( the number was a collaboration of local musician and Kalash).  We’re booked for December!
Kay left holding the baby