October 06, 2014

Helen & John Sleiman's End of Summer hafla

l-r Kay, Pips, Esme, Jane, Rita, Carol, Fiona, Chris
Ashnah and Iridescence
Ashnah and Iridescence were buzzing even before getting to that party.  At our last rehearsals, the dance was coming together so well that everyone was itching to showcase it!!  Helen's parties are always such havens as the entire Sleiman clan shows up and is so welcoming and supportive.  This gathering was no exception - there were new faces (Paula Pavlou and Gemma Sahara), we hooked up with our lovely friends Nikki Livermore and Jackie Cull and met up with Facebook friends Mark Ommadom and Elvin Herrick.

Ashnah had been allotted a couple of slots - we did our group piece first and in the second half were joined by Iridescence who were dancing together for the first time - see the video below (or on the video page HERE) to see how it all went!!!

The flow was brilliant, smiles all around, and the whole performance was an absolute joy - let's have plenty of cheers for the ladies!!!

Video here:


Malmesbury Tribal hafla - Malmesbury

Before the show
Ashnah made for Malmesbury on Saturday night to attend the show organised by Malmesbury Tribal Bellydance as part of their town's carnival.  This year's event was at a new location, the Town Hall which was a really nice venue with a great changing room!

The programme reflected the theme of 'Welcome to the Dark Side' and performances included burlesque, cabaret (our gorgeous Helen Sleiman), fusion dancing, and our own ATS®.

Thank you to our hostesses for their warm hospitality and great organisation on the night!

Video link below:


Getting ready for the show

Shoulder of Mutton and dinner

Resumed our gigs at our local and this time, the evening kicked off with a dinner courtesy of our host Peter who dished up such succulent vegetarian food, we had to pace ourselves.  Our Kay’s hubby joined us and I know he had a fabulous time! 

Fun at The Mutton