April 01, 2012

Majma Dance Festival, Glastonbury

Report by Rita
With Carolena Nericcio and Megha Gavin of FCBD® headlining this year’s event, tribalists from all over descended en masse and in glorious techni-colour onto Glastonbury – almost all the Ashnah ladies made the trip and we were minus our Jen.

L-R Rita, Pips, Hannah, Carolena, Megha, Agne, Kay

Do you know when you’re taught a combination so fitting and natural you immediately absorb it? well Tara provided me with a few of these so my thanks to her for her gifts!

Later on I met the sassiest dancer ever, the lovely Ava Fleming whose performance on Saturday night was an absolute privilege to witness and who left the entire audience exhausted and begging for more.

As a teacher, she was as lovely and as demanding and rigorous as you’d expect from a winner of the Bellydancer of the Universe to be and more! Mind you, whether my arms are as liquid as gold is not even up for debate!! I also for the second year in a row gladly found my way to the lovely Valerie Romanin who so easily brings out the latina in me “ay esse!!!” the rest of the time was spent in the company of my girls shopping, eating, dancing, talking about dancing, dreaming of dancing, working on dancing – we were straight out of an episode of Fame!!only missing our Jen. Covering the bellydance side of the weekend (and leaving our Kay to take you on her ATS® journey), I arrived ‘bellydance-workshop starved’ and couldn’t wait to get started; I’d signed up to Tara Ibrahim, Ava Fleming and Flamenco Descalzo’s Valerie Romanin’s classes and they all left me shattered and happy and I simply had an absolute blast.

Report by Kay
We congregated at our hotel, 3 cars having travelled down on such a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon. We chatted excitedly throughout our journey, only to stop whilst our breath was taken away at the sheer beauty of Stonehenge suddenly appearing as we rounded the hill on the A303. That sight never fails to make to gaze in awe........

Well I'd plumped for all of Carolena and Megha's classes - how could I not do them!!! Each workshop was fab - going over familiar moves, refining them, writing notes, learning new moves, combinations, dancing with our own troupe members, friends and new people, and writing more notes ..... always write notes (a godsend)!!!

Oh those floor moves!!! Ouch - the thighs the next day!

Sadly the weekend all too quickly came to an end, we said our goodbyes to friends and teachers and made that wonderful journey back home again past Stonehenge .........

Hey! We're doing it all again in October in Edinburgh! Counting the weeks!

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