April 01, 2012

Station House Care Trust, Abingdon

How often do you get told your performance had such a positive impact on your audience that’s it’s enabled and stimulated long overdue communication! Ashnah had the privilege of dancing at the Station House Care Trust in Abingdon, a lovely facility which provides high quality residential and nursing care to the elderly and specialises in dementia, very centrally located in our home town. The whole setting was very light and airy and the atmosphere warm and relaxed and while the performers did their thing and concentrated on entertaining, the organisers of the evening ensured everyone had a little glass of something to quench thirst. Later on, we were regaled with delightful memories of bygone days and later on still and in true Ashnah form, we rounded off our evening at a local restaurant... thus ensuring the proper upkeep of both body and soul ;o)

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