September 06, 2014

Red Lion, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell and Mr Hemmings Morris

This was our last collaboration of the season and took place at the Red Lion pub in Brightwell – we danced not in the pub but on the road outside and that brought about all sorts of funny moments between dancers and car drivers – mercifully all in good part.  There was even a local ALS bucket challenge being filmed for which we were asked to be a backdrop! After we’d done our bit, we congregated at the bar to enjoy the jazz night.  Point of note is that our lovely Morris troupe will be attending the Splash of Pink event on 27/9 before hibernating for the winter.

Kristine Adams workshops - Devon

Video here

l-r Kristine, Jacqui, Kelley, Rita, Kay, Lesley, Jo et all

Gosh to think I’d been in 2 minds to go – Kristine Adams workshops - I’m so happy I finally decided to sign up to what turned out to be a b****y marvellous time!  I travelled down with my Pips and we were later joined on Sunday by our Kay.

The days were filled with dancing and drilling and corrections and perspiration and laughter, plenty of laughter!  It was so nice to know the majority of dancers there, as nice as it was to meet the few new faces.

The highpoint of my weekend was the filming Kristine organised; we convoyed our way to the Tarr Steps and she had us dancing on stones over the river – some of us of course took it a little further and decided to dance IN the water – hysterics all round!  Huge thanks to the Mermaids who organised the event and to Kristine (now renamed Lady Dynamite) who was so eloquent throughout!