September 14, 2010

Bunkfest 2010

Our beautiful Agne with expecting baby leads the dancers
Our favourite festival arrived, and again so did the sunshine!  This year we were delighted to be joined by drummer Karl Greenow who plays for The Keeling Curve, and also Peter who played for us last year.  A huge big thank you guys, it was so very much appreciated.  Hope we can do it again!!  This year at Bunkfest we again met up with Isisters, met new Morris dancers and watched the wonderful Zulu, all the way from South Africa - watch their VIDEO HERE - fabulous.  We performed in various places and had a wonderful time, some of us staying on into the night to watch some of the bands.

Watch the Youtube Videos under the Video Link and Vimeo HERE.

September 05, 2010

Alzheimers Show (see Video here)

Saturday 24th April 2010 couldn't come fast enough! Jo Saunders of Arabian Fire & Cairo Kittens put together a brilliant show in aid of the Abingdon Alzheimer Hospice at the Amey Theatre, Abingdon School. Despite all being tucked away in the ladies changing room, we were able to watch all the performances on a big screen. Oxford Drum Troupe opened she show with their infectious drumming and were later joined by the amazing African dancing sisters Grace and Sarah of 1AfroFusion Rhythm. The Middle Eastern section was made up of soloists Niki Livermore, who strutted her stuff with everyone's favourite tabla 'artiste' John Sleiman, my teacher Loreley Rice who weaved her magic with her mesmerising Isis wings, professional Indian Bhangra dancers from London, fantastic Capoeira dancers with flamenco dancers Camino del Flamenco with teacher Rosie adding a much exciting exotic touch alongside the Argentine Tango couple, whilst Ashnah represented the tribal fusion style and performed our much loved stick dance and our improvised tribal ATS style dancing with Oxford Drum Troupe too. Check out our new Ghawazee coat/dresses made by Kay White woo hoo!

It was a great evening and we managed to raise approximately £2,000 - indeed the show was so successful that there's talk of making if a permanent fixture - roll on 2011!!! A big thank you must go to the entire supporting team made up of Jo Trafford, Sonia Black, Janet Avison, Kay O'Reagan and not forgetting the lovely Sorcha who looked drop dead gorgeous in her wowing brown dress.

Bellydance Bonanza - Saturday 22nd May 2010

Yet again, this year the programme was well-balanced (Loreley Rice, Afra El Kahira, Dodo Pratt, John Sleiman to name but a few) and this year's prima guests were the diving Maria D'Silva (whom I'm completely bowled over with) and the utterly glamourous Anne White who only has to stand there to hold attention (total hussy and she won't mind me saying so either!!).  My apologies for beingunable to mention everyone, but a shout out must go to Helen Sleiman who's turning into such an accomplished dancer blessed with great choreography and imagination.

The day was beautifully rounded off when 35 students and teachers descended on our favourite Lebanese restaurant, The Riviera, and shimmied the night away.  Thank you Nikki and Neil!

report by Rita