December 16, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas

Wishing anybody who reads our blog, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Ceilidh, Grove - 3rd December

Ashnah had a fabulous night of dancing at the Christmas Ceilidh at Grove, and were delighted to be joined by some of our friends and the brilliant Oxford Drum Troupe (ODT) who played for us. Thank you guys, it was wonderful working with you and thought the combination of groups went down a treat!!

After our performance we joined in with the ceilidh dancing which left us all in hysterics as we got it completely wrong!!! Think I for one will stick to what I know best ..... ATS.

Check out our Video page for our 3 tracks and as a bonus .... our attempt at ceilidh dancing!! Enjoy!!

WWF Hafla, Abingdon

This years fundraiser took place at the lovely Guildhall in Abingdon, and let me start by commenting that we should all be so lucky to have such ample changing room facilities - with mirrors no less!!

The guest groups at this show included Rosehips who showed up with live musicians in toe, Helen Sleiman's group who were beautifully framed by colourful and vibrant silk veils, and firm favourites Hathor .... to name but a few. A special mention has to go to the Cairo Kittens who set pulses racing so much it affected and short circuited the sound system twice!! The Cairo Kitten ladies, minus their prima cat, Jo Saunders, scorched the floor in hats and hot pants and made their teacher proud. Another shout out must go to Kay O'Regan of Rosehips who performed her first ever solo, dancing to the very dramatic Roxanne - congrats - it was beautiful.

Welcome back to Claire who tread the board for the first time since the birth of her twins. She not only regained her figure but has improved her dance immeasurably - I hate her ha!!! We love you really Claire x

As for Ashnah, we performed twice and were very happy to be joined by our beloved Esme on the second number ... may it be the first of many.

See our 2 performances on our Video page.