November 26, 2012

Tribal Tea Party - London

Moirai Tribal & Hannah Mi
The FireWater Collective consisting of Hannah Mi and MoiraiTribal host this dance night and combine it with a fundraiser.  This month, the selected charity was TheKaruna Trust, a UK based Buddhist organization that focuses on education, health and cultural projects for poor people in India irrespective of religion.  The evening was tremendous and the hospitality so warm!  In a lovely informal setting, the evening’s programme was nicely eclectic, not too long and performed to a very receptive audience.  We made new friends and had a fab night!!

Oxford Christmas Light Night

Friday 23rd November - Ashnah were invited to this event laid on by Oxford City Council and shared the dance stage with a whole host of local dance groups.  The selection covered Street, Ballet/Lyrical, Salsa, Breakdancing, Jazz, Bellydancing and ATS® of course courtesy of yours truly.  My best bit was being announced by our MC Matt from Heart FM – I wake up to him and Michelle every morning!  The weather was clement, the audience very receptive – what else could we wish for?  Oh yes, a lovely polar bear leading the lantern procession – I smell Christmas!!!!

November 05, 2012

Brutal Belly Dance Halloween Hafla

Ashnah and Sundara Tribal
No amount of messing about was going to stop this hafla from going ahead and the new location at Burwell Hall may have been a bit more snug but it certainly generated a lot of heat!!!   Hosted by our indomitable Carrie - The Joker, the occasion brought forth all manner of fantastic and dark creatures, some more dramatic than others ... Alyah in her awesome cat suit, Xenia performing an awesome fusion dance, Suhana bellyancer showing her stick skills in her dance, (Ella Mentary) imported brilliantly intricate Day of the Dead make-up, the hilarious piggies ha (Nikki, Jackie etc), Sundara wowing the crowd with their beautiful mesmermising slow ATS® number while others like Kalika looked wonderfully glamourous in their original eye lace masks.

Basket Dance

Once again we performed our new basket dance (with Kay tossing out furry spiders from her basket to the audience), and our second dance was a collaboration with the lovely Sundara Tribal ladies, Patsy and Lucy, performing an improvised ATS® number ....... smooth Berber Walks ladies!  

It was an eclectic show and a very successful evening and yay to Dave Hutchings who allowed us all a glimpse into his musical talent.

Ashnah and Sundara Tribal

Basket Dance