January 22, 2013

Winter Wonderland Hafla 2013

Rita, Janet and Kay
.. otherwise known as the biggest party that never was due to snow which kept - wait for it - 60 people away!  However, although we were at reduced numbers, the spirit and energy were more than willing and some, who will remain nameless ;-)  made the most of the opportunity and performed an extra slot; well, waste not want not!!!  Well done to Nikki and her team who rallied together and kept good control over the programme.  We all got to keep nice and warm in the best possible way ..... namely dancing!!


Sundara Workshop

Fiona, Mel, Rita, Lulu, Angela, Shereen, Kay
Penny, Patsy, Lucy

First workshop of 2013 hosted by our neighbouring ATS® sister group Sundara.  We warmed up and stretched every which way ahead of the floor work which I know left us all buzzing - it was so nice to hook up with everyone.  Plenty of goodwill and support and a firm resolution to give gliding across the floor a real good try in 2013; we’re aiming to look like swans (I think!); brilliant and bring it on!!!

January 01, 2013

Kalash Oasis Workshop

Toucan evening out -Tiverton/Devon

Workshop ladies!!
Ah this weekend!!! Kalash’s lovely lead Kelley Beeston held her regular term workshop day and combined it with a night out at one of Tiverton’s local restaurants followed by a sleep-over at her barn.  It shouldn’t be at all difficult to imagine the energy generated by 25+ women hooking up for class (we were good, we were, I promise!!!), then making their way to logistically kick off the evening.  This included showering, deciding where to get dressed, finding the blessed holding (beautiful beautiful home), setting up sleeping areas for the night (Shereen of Nirzari and myself got to lay our weary heads on a proper bed ;o).  Before I forget a huge thank you to the wonderful Tim (Kelley’s son) for chauffeuring us on the night - some enjoying the ride in the caged in Landrover - brilliant!!!  Then we danced, and danced, and danced some more and ate and drank and buzzed, and some of us stayed up with Kelley until the wee hours .. oh Lord, it was b****y brilliant!!!!!  Very merry Christmas you-all and the best and better 2013!!
Rita & Kay

Philippa with Lucy from Sundara

Frock 'n' Roll

In-Spires - OMEDS tribal class
Frock ‘N’ Roll as the name suggests was a gathering at The Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford on Saturday 8th December to celebrate all things fashion including clothes, accessories, and of course well-being which was where OMEDS came in, to promote music and dance!  Under the umbrella of Fe-Line Women who promote a more relaxed and informal approach to networking per se, we held dance tasters and showcased the basic principles of ATS®.  It was certainly all relaxed and cozy with plenty of stalls of local independent small businesses.  There was a very popular pamper corner with manicure, make up and even hair styling. No doubt about it, when you look good, you feel good!!