June 07, 2012

Jubilee Weekend - June 2012

What a weekend we had where we were all totally in our element doing what we love the most - dancing!  In Abingdon this year, to celebrate Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, both Fun in the Park and the International Day of Dance Festival were combined and attracted big crowds.  Despite the clouds, the rain stayed away and the weather held out for all the dancers!

The event took place in the beautiful setting of the Abbey Grounds and was both colourful and eclectic and included Morris and Thai Dancers, Ceroc, Majorettes, and Irish and Scottish Dancing.

Ashnah were joined by the inimitable
Oxford Drum Troupe who's rhythms and beats totally warmed up everyone!

On Sunday, along with Oxford Drum Troupe, we were invited to dance at the Oxfringe Festival at The Castle in Oxford.  We’d been looking forward to this event as it marked a first for us in that we were collaborating with another American Tribal Style® group namely NirzariTribe.  We needn’t have worried as everyone had a blast and left it all on the dance floor.  It was a seamless effort between dancers and drummers which in the words of Shereen (of Nirzari) “left everybody buzzing!!”

What more could we have wished for - spending it with our wonderful friends!!!

Pic above L-R
Shereen & Mel from Nirzari
Kay, Pips & Rita from Ashnah

Pic right L-R

Mel, Shereen & Rita