January 17, 2012

Volume 9 - Anatomy of a Step

Yay it's arrived!!! Our long awaited new FCBD® Volume 9 DVD - Anatomy of a Step. Loads of exciting new steps and combo's to keep us busy for a long while yet. Rehearsals, rehearsals ..... and yet more rehearsals girls!!!

Thanks FCBD® - fabulous DVD!

Here it is - in our hands, in our dance studio..... and us, posing with our valuable DVD

Everybody wants a look in!!!!

Get your hands off

Noooooo .... it's mine, all mine!!

Right ladies - I'll have to go solo - then I'll keep it all to myself hehehe!

January 15, 2012

Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage - January 2012

Oh my goodness gracious me!! We were on a high days after a most exhilarating evening at our dear Mr Fowler's 'place of drink and delicious food and soon to be bed & breakfast' - the Shoulder of Mutton in Wantage. The event was supposedly by way of a thank you to staff and friends and this most gracious host actually thought he'd get away with not mentioning his birthday!! Well, as you can imagine, everyone and his family were aware and all turned out in force, and the place was heaving - forget 'room to swing a cat', the evening was totally given over to sardines!!

We met up again with the wonderfully marvellous Monty's Maggots who were also our musicians for our 2nd dance slot, and the collaboration was flawless! The Quintessence Barbershop singers entertained us all with their lovely harmonies - their adaptation of 'When I'm 64' which they dedicated to Peter, deserves a special mention as it was so 'spot on' and had everyone in stitches.

Food and drink were free-flowing ('serve yourself behind the bar' was fun), but were it not a Thursday night (alas, work for the some the next day), we'd have stayed until the very end to further enjoy the celebrations. Absolutely, delightfully brilliant!!

Happy Birthday Peter x