November 13, 2009

Tribal Vibe 2009

Following on from the Collective Soul course, I indulged in a weekend of dance workshops at Tribal Vibe held at Aylesbury, organised by Steffi Colbert of Barefoot Bellydance. I took part in Paulette Rees-Denis's Trance workshop which was wow and a must to experience, and her Shimmy Queen, Solo's in Tribal and her Formation workshop too which has given me plenty of 'food for thought'. Friday night there was a welcome party with food, wine, shopping followed by group dancing, individual troupe dancing, solo's and just get up and join in with whoever was leading, and continued on into the 'chill out' room until the early hours.

Philippa joined me on the Saturday evening and watched the show which I danced in. Afterwards Paulette got everbody up and dancing, Barefoot band played long and hard with Paulette lending a hand at drumming too, followed by more chilling in the chill out room with pizza's, wine, chatter, people being 'henna'ed' with various designs and collapsing into bed about 2am again.

Sunday loomed only too quickly and Philippa left ...... along with my hotel room key (yep, and with my luggage still in the room)!! Doh!! ;-)'

Report and artwork by Kay