November 20, 2013

Silk Route, London

Maho with students along with Lucy, Zaida and Kay
With an invitation from Maho, I joined her along with Lucy Moss from Sundara and Zaida Jubera once again for a performance in London, this time at the Silk Route - Arabian Cabaret Bellydance Show held at The Bedford in Balham.

The evening opened with school/student showcases which was represented by Al Warner's School, Bellyssima (Phoenix Sahar's School) and Maho's own students too, followed by the professional dancers Al Warner, Anna Stevan, Emma Marshall, Naama Gelber, Oriental Dreams (Liza and Irna), Phoenix Sahar, Roxana, Zooey Aleeza and of course Maho, Lucy, Zaida and myself.

A great evening was had by all, and sadly had to make a hasty retreat after with long journey's to make to home.


Helen Sleiman Christmas Hafla - Swindon

Ashnah - l-r Kay, Philippa and Rita
Let's hope this latest and most interactive event becomes a fixture.  A family affair fronted by the lovely Helen Sleiman, the evening had everyone bumping and grinding no doubt fulfilling its seeming philosophy of bringing the stage to the audience (how else would you account for a Bellydance showdown)!!  On the programme were belly, tribal, salsa and zumba dancing along with some cancan!!!  Familiar faces had the opportunity to catch up and among other (apologies if I'm leaving anyone out), Nikki, Helen (in her belly, salsa and zumba dancer incarnations), Isisters, Sundara-Devi, the Zumba Swindon team (who I must say had a rather awesome male shimmyer in their midst) and Ashnah, all made for a nice all-round programme.  Oh by the way, we were fed and watered, so what else could we possibly want.

Thanks to all for a fab evening!!!

Hayaam Bellydance, Piccadilly, London

l-r Zaida, Kay, Maho and Lucy
Maho Beaumont invited Lucy Moss from Sundara, Zaida Jubera and me along to dance at this event which is held at the Hayaam Bellydance platform in Piccadilly, London.  The venue is in the fabulous rooms upstairs in the Jewel Piccadilly which had a wonderful, joyous audience.  Also performing that evening were the fabulous dancers Amalura, Sarah Malik, Maelle, Tahaty, Anna Kemper, Rachel Rafiefar and Anouk.

Unfortunately the rain decided to join us that evening too, but it didn't dampen our spirits ... only our feet!!

After performing we ate at a local Italian nearby which was great fun, but unfortunately the time slipped away unnoticed and after a 'train hitch' we had the most enjoyable trip home by bus and walking, laughing most of the way, eventually arriving at my own house at 3.30am!!!  I was still smiling the about it the next day ;-)

Thank you Zaida for the use of your fabulous shop!!

November 11, 2013

Splash of Pink - Against Breast Cancer

picture courtesy of the Abingdon blog
Ashnah were invited to take part in this fundraiser against breast cancer, and the group, accompanied by our Esme from Ashnah-Talmiz, had no hesitation to join in this event.  The setting was the Market Place in the centre of Abingdon which was donned in pink of course!!

We were fortunate again to have good weather and were on the programme alongside Abingdon Centre Community Choir and Mr Hemmings Traditional Abingdon Morris Dancers.  There were stalls carrying nik-naks and our favourite, a cake stall, which had lots of yummy goodies with pink toppings by way of a nod to the cause.  There was also a gazebo set up nearest Costa where appropriately enough an attempt at the world record of putting on and taking off a bra over a t-shirt was attempted.  I understand a new world record was set - 10 bras in a minute which has yet to be recognised.  One can't but help be in awe at the ideas people come up with to realize a target!!

Well done to all!!!!

November 05, 2013

Sahara Sisters Hafla, Chippenham

Click picture for a slideshow (slideshow by D&D Carrington)
Ashnah at last got to visit the Sahara Sisters at their new home in The Citadel, Wonderfully located in the centre of town, and spent a lovely evening in a very welcoming and lovingly draped hall straight out of something reminiscent of 1001 Nights.

The evening showcased both belly and ATS® from the lovely Raheesha with her Divas all suitably corseted giving us a taste of fiery Spain (ole)! to the equally gorgeous Sundara offering a lovely ATS duet display.  Of course, Ashnah strutted their own stuff and left the ladies and Rachel wishing them a many a happy year and hafla in their new home xx

Slideshow here or click on picture

Hipnotic, Madesjki Stadium, Reading

Thank goodness for dance platforms!!  I don't think you can have enough of them and Oxfordshire and Berkshire are fortunate in that respect.
Hipnotic is one such evening hosted by Covert Bling which takes place quarterly and which Ashnah attended this September 2013.  It's a perfect opportunity to meet new people, (networking is the way to go, don't you know!) and see familiar ones (such as Nirzari whom we'd seen the day before and we don't ever tire of them)!

Many thanks for the hosting ladies!


East Meets West

Our hostess Arpita Desai beckoned, and the range of eclectic dancers who gave up their time to showcase, was rather impressive.  The fundraiser this year, organised by Mike Daniels and the Rotary Club of Bicester, was in aid of Kidney Research UK, and made all the more poignant as one of our own, Sundara Penny's son Auryn became afflicted with it this past year.  I'm pleased to say that he was there on Saturday fighting his way back to good health.

Ashnah, Ashnah-Talmiz, Nirzari, Sundara and Sundara-Devi
The programme on offer that night included modern dance, classical Indian, bellydance, ballroom, Latin and of course ATS® were all represented. The lady mayoress graced us with her presence and a great night was enjoyed by all.  The show managed to raise just over £3000 for the cause - yay to all the organisers, dancers et all and well done and thank you Arpita!!!

Pictures by Shereen from Nirzari