September 24, 2009

Wallingford Bunkfest 2009 (video)

Well, the weather yet again turned out to be another gorgeous day for us when we danced at Wallingford Bunkfest. After many weeks of extra rehearsing, dragging 2 unsuspecting friends along to get them to drum for us with the promise of fame and fortune (ahem), and by the time we packed all our equipment (CD player, amp, leads, sticks, zills, shakers, drums, dancers, entourage etc etc and grandads red shopping trolley to carry it all in) into 4 cars, we looked like we were off on tour!!!

Today was a 'first' for our newest member Jennifer Boyd (Jen), all the way from sunny Oxford, as she joined us for her first performance with Ashnah, as well the first time we'd danced to our live drummers too!!!! A really big thanks to Fiona and Piotr for their superb drumming and their time spent in the crash course we threw at them, and thanks to our other blonde Jen for joining in with the shakers when not dancing. Thought we all 'jelled' well folk. (Jen pictured right with Rita behind her, and below left Fiona, Piotr and our other Jen)
We performed improvised tribal (no choreography at all) on the little stage with our drummers, then the Kinecroft stage with our choreographed dances and CD's, and then trooped off to The George pub for more improvised tribal and drumming (check out the video's on Video Bar of the left of this page). With the help from our friends belly dancers Isisisters from Witney, again loaning us their amp again, we again returned to the little stage for one more time. Thanks ladies.

Tired feet, hands, and hunger loming, some trooped home whilst Fiona offered to host us at hers with showers, dancing to Bob Marley and a takeaway (with Bob accompanying us to the Chinese too).

All 'Marleyed' out now, so roll on Bunkfest 2010!! Yay!!!!

Conservative Club Family Day

Sunday 30 September 09 and Ashnah strutted their stuff at the Family Day organised by The Conservative Club (Con Club) in Abingdon. The weather was playing along, the barbecue was out, and the children kept busy with games and face paint. More mainstream entertainment was provided by the two dance groups who use the Club’s upstairs space for rehearsals so along with SalsaEngland, this was our first opportunity to show what we did every week. We did a couple of numbers outdoors and decided to finish our gig inside. The music system proved so much better and added not only general atmosphere but immeasurable bounce to our steps. This was our first showing of our recently acquired improvised tribal skills ... and even if I do so say myself ... I think it went really well .. we may not have blown the roof off but we certainly earned decent cheer. Check out our YouTube video on the Video Bar on the left hand side of this page, or click on the photo. Next stop the Wallingford Bunk Fest ... please pray for sunshine!!
Ashnah Video
article written by Rita........