August 31, 2008

Wallingford Bunkfest

I think we must be blessed this year as every time we've been out performing the sun has shone down on us, though today was an absolute scorcher, which is very uncomfortable in full costume!! We shared the stage with 3 other dance groups at various times during the day - Old Speckled Hen, Knockhundred Shuttles and Lumbawakk - all of whom were good dancers and great fun.

There was also a group of Welsh dancers called Dawnswyr Tipyn o Bopeth, all the way from .......... Wales. I think they were feeling the heat more than us in their full Welsh costumes complete with the traditional tall black hats. Other dancers were one of our favourite groups - the Heneghan James & O'Gara School of Irish Dance - whom we danced with in Abingdon on International Dance Day. We also met another bellydance group and old friends, Hazzaz from the Witney area (thanks ladies for the loan of your amplifier)!! Much appreciated!! It was a brilliant day, and all dancers cheered each other on, such a great atmosphere.

After doing about 15 dances in the open sunshine, heat exhausted we trawled the many goods stalls, ate from various food vans and drank gallons of cold drinks and sought every bit of shade we could, eventually leaving after well over 6 hours of total fun, taking home with us headaches, smudged makeup, weary bodies and tender skin from the sun - ouch!!

Would we suffer all that pain again next year? You bet we would!!

August 04, 2008

Abingdon's Got Talent

28th June saw 3 of us competing in Abingdon's Got Talent competition, run by Abingdon Town Council, which was held in Abingdon Market Square. How delighted we were when it was announced that we'd won a place in the finals in July along with 12 other acts, o'er. Finals day loomed and we practised our new saidi stick dance almost daily again for it's second showing. Finals day July 26th arrived and it was again another beautiful sunny day and the crowds thronged the Square for the show down. We were 2nd to last on, so were able to watch some of the fabulous acts appearing before us. At last we were able to strut our stuff (not a foot wrong or a drop of the stick by any of us - this time), it was questioned though why we danced with 'walking sticks' mmm - saidi stick dancing is yet another form of belly dance (check out the link above for saidi description). We were awarded with runners up in our (ahem! over 18's) category which we were all delighted with. Well done to all those who participated and of course congratulations to those who won (Simon Cowell has definately missed some talent). A big thanks to Abingdon Town Council for putting on the competition too, the judges, compere and the crowd of folk cheering (sounds like the Oscars)!

August 03, 2008

Barefoot Student Showcase, Aylesbury

On Friday 18th July we appeared as guest dancers at the Barefoot Student Showcase held at the Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury. As well as dancing with Ashnah, Kay (moi) is also a member of Barefoot tribal bellydance and attends classes in Thame weekly, and was dancing in the show with Barefoot and managed to get Ashnah booked in to dance too. This was yet another different experience for us and one that was very enjoyable to watch and also to participate in. The first half of the show started with classical bellydance from many of the Barefoot students and Anuket, who are Barefoot's student troupe. Their style of dance is different to ours so it was lovely to watch and pick up ideas from them (hopefully they picked up ideas from us too)!!!!!! Ashnah ended the 1st half of the show with our dances - a veil dance, then a short lively dance followed by our new saidi stick dance which was it's first appearance. The second half of the show was danced by Barefoot tribal students, 2 of which I danced in yay, with the show ending with a performance by the Barefoot troupe themselves led by Steffi Colbert (founder and teacher of Barefoot).

We rounded off the evening by a sing song in the car on the way home with a pit-stop at Thame for burger, kebab and chips. Always the best when you're hungry.

Photo's to follow shortly .........................