July 30, 2017

FollyFest - Faringdon, Oxon

Ashnah (Kay, Rita and Cat) were again joined by Marek this year who travelled all the way from Southend to come dance at this great event.  The sun came out as we entertained the crowd and though there was a sprinkling of rain before we finished, people sat under coats and brollies and continued watching.

After we all lunched at The Bell hotel in the garden (Sunday lunch is a must here) ... and sheltered under a MASSIVE garden parasol when the showers passed by.

Thank you Marek for coming to dance - what a fabulous day!!!

July 29, 2017

Wads Stock, Wootton, Oxon

l-r Mel, Angela, Rita, Shereen, Kay
Our lovely dance friends Nirzari along with hubby Thurston and gorgeous baby Cillian (toddler now) from Farnborough to join us at Wads Stock - a great family event of music, singing, dancing, stalls, beer, children rides and more.  In the morning we performed at Wantage Presents (in Wantage), all piled into The Bear for much needed refreshments then moved onto Wootton for more performing.

Cakes, shortbread, ice-cream bought ... the rain held off ... just, which began as we were leaving.

A fabulous day with our wonderful dance buddies - thank you so much for coming.  Sharing events with you is always such fun!!

Wantage Presents

Mel, Angela, Shereen (Nirzari) and Kay and Rita (Ashnah)
Ashnah were invited to entertain folk at 'Wantage Presents' - which is about local performing artists busking outside The Bear for fun, entertainment, charity ..... or however it goes!!

We were performing in the afternoon at Wootton with our dance buddies Nirzari from Farnborough, so they joined us for the Wantage stint and we collected £14.60 for Cancer Research - thank you to all.

After performing we all trooped into The Bear for lunch (along with our entourage of husband and baby too) for needed refreshments, before later heading off to perform at Wads Stock in Wootton village.

Thank you Howard too for inviting us perform.  A great idea!!

Scummy lunch at The Bear

July 08, 2017

Festival of Colours, Milton Keynes

We just celebrated The Festival of Colours in Milton Keynes and were joined by Shelly from Zoku - all under a most glorious sun.  We danced in the parade accompanied by Indian drummers, and were interviewed on stage about our style then people joined us from the audience to try it out!!  The day was finished off on top of the hill looking down, with ice cream in the shade where we watched the paint throwing!  Exciting!

Thank you my lovely Zoku sister for .. lending us your body for the occasion.