September 27, 2015

Cowley Road Carnival

Carnival day was upon us, we were raring to go, the weather was beautifully sunny, and we were once again joined by Cat Ariel Weber as we set off for this popular festival.

Our name in the road ..... ok, spelt wrong ...
The whole day was pulsating to all manner of eclectic sounds and smells and happy smiling people. After we'd performed on the stage (video here) we took part in the parade that stretched all along the Cowley Road, which was quite exhausting.  We had our name on the road yay! and a sign (star shaped sign ooh) where we were to stand (even if they did spell our name wrong), and were even assigned our own escort to carry out star sign (though Rita cut that off the picture above boo).  At the end we were all treated to water and chunks of lovely juicy melon.  Just right for thirsty work.

Even our own sign ..... spelling? Sigh...
Fabulous all around and huge thanks to Claire Thompson and Anya Fox for their help; they’re no doubt enjoying a well earned rest!

 Kay even appeared on local TV ........ though after a long interview only a few words were broadcast lol !!!!!!
Kay on TV

Exbourne Road Street Party

We were invited to this lovely street party once again and had a brilliant time!  Lot's of entertainment and activities - dancing, musicians, Aunt Sally, Bung a Bog Roll (interesting), pinata ..... and much more! Refreshments were laid on by the street organisers in the Royal British Legion where we retired to after performing.

Many thanks for inviting us to share in your celebrations - a very enjoyable day! What a great community spirit!

Philippa Moirai Workshops

It’s the day after the day before and from a personal point of view, I’m grinning at the prospect of breaking down all that I’ve learned, drilling it and finally dancing it.  Ashnah had a sold out afternoon as La Moirai was descending upon us and a most fabulous time was had by all – nurture and gentle discipline kept us all focussed and motivated even the newer students to the dance.  We had a nicely varied programme from Slow (yum yummy) to Fast to Indian and finally to Spanish – heaven and onward!  Can’t wait for the next so please watch this space.


The ladies of Hathor promote their event as THE dance gig of Oxfordshire and indeed it draws dancers from far and further still who all come to showcase their progress in various dance arts, from Raks Sharki to fusion to ATS®.  On the night and as I watched the programme unfold, the undeniable truth was that the prop of choice this veil was the veil; whether as a soloist, in a duet or as a group, the ever changing shapes of beautifully wafting colourful silks never fails to impact.  To complete the evening, there were 4 stalls ueber full with all sorts of goodies, and we even had a cake stall for the first time!  Food and bar ensure everyone was kept fed and watered (for medicinal purposes of course!) Hathor ladies, thank you again for a wonderful night!

Mr Hemmings' Day of Dance

Ashnah and our OMEDS students Ariel and Cat were again invited to join Mr Hemmings' Morris Dancers at their annual Day of Dance in Abingdon - an event of song, music and dance.  Dance sides worked two different routes and came together after the lunch break for one big dance-off in the Market Place.

We were definitely quite a sight and had the town square awash with colours and much merriment!

 Click for videoVideo of the last dance - courtesy of Abingdon Blog (click on picture to the right to view):

September 26, 2015

Oxford Summer Mela

Ashnah - dancing in the rain!!
The lovely Kanta Gopal invited us again to her summer shindig, the fifth one we attend and it never fails; such a friendly, diverse, community minded gathering and always a success, irrespective of weather!  From Majorettes (the Strawberry Fayre) to vibrant and energetic Bollywood Fusion (Epika Dance) to a wonderfully colourful Bhangra group (Nachdey Hasdey Bhangra Group or Joyously Dancing Bangra Group) which they were and most exhausting to watch as well!  Just like preceding years, there were numerous stalls and uniquely, this time around we had the local television there and were interviewed.

Thank you to Kanta and Gyan for your lovely hospitality!