May 13, 2012


This Spring’s OMEDS hafla at the O’Reilly Theatre featured the lovely Delilah - 2010 Miss Bellydance UK winner and former OMEDS president.  The event allowed OMEDS to showcase their various bellydance student groups and solo dancers and alongside them our very own Kay's ATS® OMEDS Beginners Class, In-Tuition who, for the first time, ventured a performance and put their best foot forward – well done to Janet, Lucy, Johanna, Esme, and Sara!  We caught up with good ol’ regulars like Nikki and John Sleiman, Hathor, Isisters and Zanoba ladies, and welcomed new faces such as Barefoot Bellydance and when we had the opportunity, hit the dance floor to some good live music.


Oriental Nadia said...

Well you dance, look over some of your videos on YouTube and tell you frankly that I really liked ^ ^

Tipsy said...

Many thanks for your lovely comment Deirdre! xx :-)