May 07, 2012

Oxford Festival with Oxford Drum Troupe (ODT)

I'm feeling rather delicate this morning – I’m back at work after a weekend of dancing in and around the Oxford Castle and Oxford City Centre with the rest of the Ashnah ladies and in collaboration with the wonderful guys from Oxford Drum Troupe (ODT).  How fortunate were we!  I’m sure none of us would hesitate to sing hallelujah to all the various gods of weather and rain and storm and general element interference NOT conducive to outdoor dancing, musical playing and general merriment for looking down on us and granting us their blessings!!  At worst, there were a few drops of rain which lasted all of a few minutes.  The Oxford streets were awash (pardon the pun) with a whole host of Morris dancing sides and pubs and cafes joined in the spirit of the event by throwing their doors open to live music, recitals and dancing - a big thank you to Folk Weekend Oxford for stepping in to cover for Oxford Folk Festival.  It is much appreciated!

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