May 07, 2012

Swimathon - Team Tribal

Well, there was no escaping it - the day came upon us and I do believe we were all raring to go!  Sunday 29 April 2012, 10am at Wantage pool (my first time there and it’s really rather nice).  Kay, Philippa, Fiona, Sue and I were out to have a blast and we did.  We swam our 40 lengths each, egged each other on, and managed to finish in what was for us a record time of under 40 minutes!  By which time of course we were all starving and thirsty and in need of much deserved sustenance so we made to our favourite pub, The Shoulder of Mutton in Wantage, where our favourite landlord Peter topped up his pub’s contribution further and offered us teas, coffees, and ... crisps!! Crisps??  Well the kitchen was closed and our lovely Mr Fowler had been out the previous day to a beer festival ....... I rest my case!!!

Now to the big gi-normous thanks we owe so many people – we managed to raise over £600 (final total to be confirmed) and the contributions came from many of our work colleagues, friends and all our families – Thank you all!!!

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