April 20, 2015

Oxford Folk Fest 2015

l-r Lulu, Shereen, Angela, Kay, Mel, Rita, Pips, Esme, Ariel
This was by no means a first for us but for some reason it felt special and in a good way!  This year ODT (Oxford Drum Troupe) were unable to join us so our trustworthy Ashnah member Betty boombox took her very special place and saw us through the day, and being such a valued member, she was pushed around in her specially adapted trolley!

The day was a collaboration with our lovely Nirzari sisters, and together we performed as our collective name of Kaleidoscope which we were - colourful and vibrant.  Joining us as well was our gorgeous mermaid Ariel, our student and honorary member from America who
taking a well deserved bow
just slotted in perfectly. We all had a fab time and much laughter and I can’t wait until our next get together which is coming soon; thank you all ladies and check out our pics, they’re totally fab!

making many friends!!

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