July 16, 2023

A Chance to Dance FCBD®

Kay and I were at last able to attend this event which we’d been discussing for some time.  The platform hosted by Nirzari is precisely reflected in its name in that it provides dancers a chance to meet, dance, catch up, and .. be silly.  Bring your own nibbles and drinks were on offer and plenty of giggles were had.  Thanks Nirzarites for your hospitality! 

July 08, 2023

Splash of Pink (Against Breast Cancer)

This year, we were joined by Nirzari and Iridescence at this local fundraiser.  Alongside our own dancing, there were majorettes, choirs, a variety of stalls, and even the storm troopers dropped in (and they were mostly on their best behaviour)!  Despite the rain, we danced underneath the County Hall and afterwards we then took ourselves to the Nags Head pub for some food and drink and wind down.

July 01, 2023

Mr Hemmings Day of Dance

Ashnah and Iridescence (of Swindon) joined forces to take part in the Day of Dance hosted by our local Mr Hemmings morris side.  We danced all morning at various locations, lunched in the market place and danced some more at more locations - cue photos!  Thank you to the Iridescence ladies for making this an even nicer day out!

March 19, 2023

Armaleggan Spring Equinox Ale Evening

Last night Ashnah were invited to the Spring Equinox Ale Evening held by Armaleggan who are a border morris side.  Other sides attending were Eynsham, Sabotage, New Moon and Aderbury Village.  There was an abundance of hot food ie pasta dishes, lasagnes, curry (all vegan or meat), salad dishes, huge variety of puddings and cheeses along with free flowing ale.  There were dances, songs (shanties), music played, stick thumping, fish swatting, zills, sword, accordions, drums, strings and so many others.

Enjoy the videos and pics!!!

September 06, 2022

Wargrave Hall, Wargrave

We were invited to perform at the Wargrave Festival along with the Mr Hemmings Morris side, and our location was at Wargrave Hall itself, which is set on the river Thames with beautiful sprawling lawns. 

May 13, 2021

Zooming Ahead ........

Following the most unusually tumultuous year which began in March 2020, saw us all, globally, confined to our homes due to the worldwide Corona Virus pandemic.  This disaster heralded the age of Zoom and introduced the virtual world to all, and in our dance context, had everything from classes, workshops and parties both national and international taking place on a monitor within the comfort of our homes.  Ashnah have continued teaching and dancing via Zoom, throwing new light on how we look at our dance.

As I write these few lines in May 2021, restrictions are gradually lifting and Ashnah are making plans to return to the studio and already have a few outdoor gigs lined up for later on in the Spring / Summer.  Let me hear you: “Amen!!” 

Rita deChadarevian