July 30, 2017

FollyFest - Faringdon, Oxon

Ashnah (Kay, Rita and Cat) were again joined by Marek this year who travelled all the way from Southend to come dance at this great event.  The sun came out as we entertained the crowd and though there was a sprinkling of rain before we finished, people sat under coats and brollies and continued watching.

After we all lunched at The Bell hotel in the garden (Sunday lunch is a must here) ... and sheltered under a MASSIVE garden parasol when the showers passed by.

Thank you Marek for coming to dance - what a fabulous day!!!

July 29, 2017

Wads Stock, Wootton, Oxon

l-r Mel, Angela, Rita, Shereen, Kay
Our lovely dance friends Nirzari along with hubby Thurston and gorgeous baby Cillian (toddler now) from Farnborough to join us at Wads Stock - a great family event of music, singing, dancing, stalls, beer, children rides and more.  In the morning we performed at Wantage Presents (in Wantage), all piled into The Bear for much needed refreshments then moved onto Wootton for more performing.

Cakes, shortbread, ice-cream bought ... the rain held off ... just, which began as we were leaving.

A fabulous day with our wonderful dance buddies - thank you so much for coming.  Sharing events with you is always such fun!!

Wantage Presents

Mel, Angela, Shereen (Nirzari) and Kay and Rita (Ashnah)
Ashnah were invited to entertain folk at 'Wantage Presents' - which is about local performing artists busking outside The Bear for fun, entertainment, charity ..... or however it goes!!

We were performing in the afternoon at Wootton with our dance buddies Nirzari from Farnborough, so they joined us for the Wantage stint and we collected £14.60 for Cancer Research - thank you to all.

After performing we all trooped into The Bear for lunch (along with our entourage of husband and baby too) for needed refreshments, before later heading off to perform at Wads Stock in Wootton village.

Thank you Howard too for inviting us perform.  A great idea!!

Scummy lunch at The Bear

May 20, 2017

Oxford Mela - Celebrating Diversity in Oxford 2017

With Rita away in Morocco the line up for this (our 7th mela) was just the 3 of us at this time - Kay, Pips and Cat.  Dancing here since 2011, this years event was a sea of colour, dance, music, singing, stalls selling clothing, jewellery, henna, delicious food and happy smiling faces, and was held at the Rosehill Community Centre - it was simply heaving and was again !!

Our performance included improvisation with baskets, followed by an impromptu piece of dancing amongst the audience with the aim to get some to come up and join in, followed by a well deserved drink and yummy Indian food.

Thank you Kanta for inviting us to the celebrations.

March 19, 2017

Kristine Adams FCBD® workshops - London

Philippa and I travelled to London whilst Rita travelled up to Newcastle for the weekend - all 3 of us to take Kristine Adams workshops but in different cities hosted by Philippa Moirai and Angela Noble.  Once again we met old friends and made new ones too, we tweaked steps, learnt new, danced and adjusted till we ached.

Totally worth it once again!!!

November 26, 2016

Workshops with Deana Lawman, Essex

At long last, after 2 years of meaning to get to Essex, the astral points aligned and Kay and I were able to make it there - and what an absolute thrill!

Everyone who knows Deana and Helen knows how light and playful these women are – and this totally translates to the atmosphere they bring to their workshops!  Kay and I walked away with a few pages of notes and yet another 'lightbulb moment' (after 16 years dancing there's always new discoveries).

The evenings entertainment was a lovely candlelit 'picnic' type do with lots of dancing and Kay and I were able to meet up with old friends and we also made some new ones.

I feel this is going to become a regular haunt of ours so until the next time ladies, thank you for your time and effort and have a great Christmas and a brilliant 2017!

November 20, 2016

Workshops with Philippa Moirai, London

Ashnah already had the privilege of hosting Philippa Moirai but now my own Philippa and I decided to visit her in London to attend her last 2016 workshops.  This woman is a lovely sofly-spoken woman but when you’re done of an afternoon, you’re really done – she has this way of making you leave it all in the studio, working you steadily and continually!  It was brilliant as was the energy and the company.  I left with so many nuggets and now to drill!

October 28, 2016

Kae Montgomery UK Visit, Oxfordshire

fun day out at Henley
She came, she taught, and left us properly worked out, tweaked, and wanting more – the group is definitely looking forward to the next visit although we’re still on a high!

The lovely Kae Montgomery spent 5 days with us and on the programme apart from a little sightseeing to the lovely and oh so English town of Henley, was a weekend filled with workshops, a couple of which focussed on all aspects of solo performances and which carried on from each other, plus we also had workshops which included some of Kae’s own dialect.

all at sea
We kicked off the weekend with a terrific dinner dance which included African, Indian, Irish, and Middle Eastern flavours from Sunny; huge thanks to all the performers who so readily gave of their time to join us.  A majority of us managed a Saturday night outing to our local Indian where we danced in the restaurant.  The whole event was fabulous especially as we had in our midst new faces who joined the more familiar of our ever growing pool of friends – the atmosphere was so cosy and buzzing.

working us hard
Thank you all for your attendance and support; we couldn’t have done it without you!
discussion time
jollies at the restaurant

October 22, 2016

Oasis Workshop, Devon

Of course Ashnah went to Devon to attend this month’s gathering – our big circle included new faces from Froom who I hope had a fab time.  Later on that day, at the evening show, new blood was joined by fresh blood with the Nirzari ladies, Mel and Shereen joining us with their brood Mireya and Cillian respectively who were both as good as gold.  The show was wonderfully eclectic with the skirt winning the ‘prop of the evening’ award.  Show stopper of the night was the beautiful and haunting live rendition of Ederlezi which of course, I didn’t think of taping :( the number was a collaboration of local musician and Kalash).  We’re booked for December!
Kay left holding the baby

September 10, 2016

Hanney Festival

l-r Rita, Pips and Kay
God bless new events, and Ashnah absolutely loves venturing out to new places and making conversions as it were!  The tireless Dawn Massam invited us to the Black Horse in East Hanney and being her beautiful warriors and all (her words of course), we were only too pleased to accept.  Naturally, it had the Massam flair which lay in the detail – brilliant bands, lovely atmosphere, a warm welcome and if I had anything to grumble about is the lack of communication between Dawn and the big man – thank goodness for her foresight which saw us dancing under cover!

Thanks for looking after us so well Dawn.