April 12, 2015

Paula Belly hafla, Warwickshire

We set off for Bedworth minus our Esme on Saturday 24th January - it was not only our first gig of the new year but we were also performing at a new venue which was very exciting to us.  The evening didn't disappoint!  Our hostess Paula (Paula Bellydance) fronted such an energetic pre-dominantly bellydance platform which had tremendous vibe and great music.

As it turned out, we met up with some ATS® sisters, Anjuli and Sharon from Tribulations, the gorgeous Helen Sleiman with father John (and drum of course) were also there.  There was some great dancing on the programme not least of which from Mother Earth herself, the lovely Nawarra who took to the floor cheekily setting out to seduce everyone in sight.

I’ve got the date of the next hafla already in next year’s diary.  Many thanks Paula and the team for such a fab night

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