May 13, 2015

Upton-upon-Severn Folk Fest

Kaleidoscope (Ashnah/Nirzari) hooked up for this event and were joined this year by our honorary member Ariel - this year, we also invited the lovely Sharon along with her hubby Steve, musician extraordinaire who brought his tablah and guitar.  To say that we were flying by the seats of our pants music-wise would be telling a lie but there was definitely wonderful organised madness the whole day which we couldn’t help but comment on!  No selection was pre-arranged and Steve’s contributions followed our speed directions – at one point Steve was joined by Chris Turner from Barefoot for an impromptu drum and guitar number (they'd never played together before) ....... talk about complete improvisation!

Our faithful Betty (boom box) accompanied and supported us and she and Steve took it in turns to create what turned out to be a true organic programme.

The whole day was utter bliss.

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