April 12, 2015

Kristine Adams the Return - Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm adieu, but oh Lord how sweet it was!  We enjoyed a 5-day trip made up of travel, sightseeing, and cramming as much shared ATS® knowledge as possible courtesy of Kristine Adams aka my Lady Dynamite; we were all left positively glowing and pumped and inspired and wonderfully exhausted!

After the usual correspondence ahead of such a weekend, we were finally able to meet our totally charming hostesses, the softly spoken and gentle Berenike Strom and Helen Keskitalo who along a whole host of similarly minded dancers, made us feel so welcome and comfortable – the whole experience was simply fabulous.  Kay celebrated her birthday over there and was presented with pressies, flowers and a scrummy Swedish cake!

We had our group’s first international travel and performance and we’ve caught the bug; we’re eyeing another European destination, bank managers be darned!!!

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