July 01, 2016

FCBD® Technique for Teachers Course

TfT attendees UK 2016
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Kay and I have just come back from the most fantabulous 4 days ever, organised for ATS® Teacher Trained dancers and the first of its kind in Europe – or should I say, outside of the U.S.

Courtesy of Kelley Beeston and Jacqui Spiers, our hostesses, these ladies brought about a cozy 4 day gathering of twenty Sister Studios from Poland, France, Germany, UK, Morocco, Italy and America, who all performed and were individually critiqued by Carolena and Megha.  All The feedback was totally invaluable to all, and Q&A's ensured everyone had their queries dealt with.  Each day was focussed on a particular set of moves and the whole experience left everyone energized and inspired and raring to start again.

Ghost stories by candlelight
New friendships were made and old ones reinforced.  Outstanding memories were all of us singing around the firepit on Saturday night, and Deborah Francois’ most haunting voice filling the night air.

Roll on the next meet – thanks a million Kelley and Jacqui, not forgetting our leading ladies Carolena and Megha.

Kay and Rita receiving their certificates from Carolena and Megha

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