July 10, 2016

Cowley Road Carnival

Don’t you just love the festival season when sights, sounds and smells just set the senses buzzing and eclecticism rules!  This Carnival event was certainly no different and Kay, our student Cat, and I represented.  We managed to bag ourselves an extra slot to prolong our enjoyment and performed on a new stage making its premiere this year and aptly named The World Stage.

Rita with her boys in blue
There was all sorts going on from the MCs on various parts down the Cowley Road to live music coming out of different pubs; dance-wise we also went totally global: Street, Samba (our lovely Oxford-based Mims with none other than Serena Ramzi!), African, Indian, Irish, Modern ballet, Capoeira, bellydancing, ATS® and I’m sure I left many other styles.

The weather did hold for us and we left with our feet still not touching the ground.  Here’s to next year!

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