July 24, 2016

Eastleigh Mela

Lulu, Angela and Shereen from Nirzari
What a fab event this turned out to be!  Ashnah and the lovelies of Nirzari (minus our Mel) hooked up and our Shereen performed for the first time since the birth of Master Cillian Johnston who also joined the company and was the perfect young man, not a peep out of him!  

This year, there was just one stage which I thought was a good move on behalf of the organisers with everyone’s attention focussed in one place.  We did well and as it was Kay and my first outing since the FCBD teaching course, we were trying to implement the latest tweaks – work in progress; bring it on!

Damn, we love you Nirzari girls!

Ashnah, Nirzari and Master Johnston

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