July 13, 2014

Mr Hemmings Morris Dancers - Day of Dance

Ashnah were invited to dance at Mr Hemmings Day of Dance this year, alongside a few other teams.  With Rita having a fews away and Pips unable to make, it was touch and go if we could represent Ashnah especially as the rain tipped down the day before.  Shall we ... shan't we......

On the morning, the rain cleared up and Esme and I set out with Betty boom-box, and along with another team we danced our way from The Cross Keys, The Brewery Tap and all congregated at the Black Swan where crowds gathered to watch.  Needing a much deserved break we all headed to The Narrows for lunch, and later all met on the Market Place where we all danced under the arches of the museum ending with a mass dance off, before heading back down Ock St again dancing at The Brewery Tap and back at The White Horse ..... finishing the day at The Royal British Legion where refreshments were laid on.

Busy, busy day, and much fun and laughter and have another invite to join them again next year!!!  Can't wait!!

Thank you Martin for the fabulous photos!!!

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