July 14, 2014

Eastleigh Mela, Hampshire

l-r - Rita, Kay, Pips, Lulu
The AWCA (Asian Welfare & Cultural Association) hosted their 9th Mela this past Sunday 6th July.  A major cultural community event, the diverse programme posted Irish, Chinese Dragon as well as our own ATS® dancing.  A regular event for us - this year we were again joined by Nirzari, this time Lulu.  Mel was already dancing Odissi at the event, and how amazing she looked!!

There was singing from the Eastleigh choir which blended wonderfully with national performers from the Asian pop scene and Brazilian drums!

The little people were obviously catered for (and kept busy) with everything from kite making and face painting to falconry display and puppet theatre.

On the food side (yummy Indian ice cream), there was an attempt at baking the world’s largest naan bread to raise money for the Fire Fighters, Water Wells Project and Hampshire Hurricanes!  The attempt was successful but has yet to be officially registered lalalalala or yum yum yum!!

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