July 13, 2014

FCBD® General Skills and Teacher Training, Essex

Our much anticipated and long awaited FCBD® General Skills / Teacher Training week at Rochford has already been and gone; we’re all back in our routine but I’m still buzzing!  On a personal level, although tremendously looking forward to it, I’d been somewhat apprehensive as well, but I needn’t have worried as I had Carolena, Megha, Philippa and Deana going out of their way to accommodate everyone.

Pips, Esme and I all got our GS certificates (congrats ladies) and I stayed on for the TT.  I had a fantabulous time and we all had the opportunity to finally meet all our Facebook ATS® family!!!

So, following on from this training course, all of Ashnah - Pips, Esme and I (Rita), are all certified in FCBD® General Skills, and I'm also certified in Teacher Training and am now excited to announce that I'm also a FCBD® Sister Studio woo hoo!!!!

Huge thanks to Deana and Philippa Moirai for organising this event.  As for THE ATS® big guns, Carolena, Megha, and Kristine – ladies, it was an absolute privilege to meet you.

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