May 18, 2014

Swindon Shimmyers, Swindon

Picture from OMEDS hafla
With ‘grace 1’ away (our jet setter Kay sailing the Caribbean seas), the remaining ‘graces 2 & 3’ with Kay's  Omeds InSpires students looked forward to strutting our stuff over the weekend.  There was Sue Bickell’s event in Swindon which turned out to be a cosy and friendly do.  The programme covered a nice cross-section of belly, fusion, and ATS® with an undercurrent of Latin flavours.  I caught up with Shams and members of her group as well as her daughters who also danced (hip shimmy to the next generation!). My favourite hussy Luisa was there as well.  Helen Sleiman’s girls represented while she was off gallivanting in France (taking over the world no doubt) as was the recently engaged Xenia (congrats darling) with the Malmsbury gals and I know I left plenty out so to all my apologies – I have the memory of a sieve!

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