May 18, 2014

Oxford Folk Festival, Oxford

l-r Mel, Kay, Lulu, Rita, Pips, Shereen
Oxford Folk Fest saw the birth of the new name of Kaleidoscope, (collaboration between Ashnah and Nirzari) along with Oxford Drum Troupe.

Both groups have been joining forces for a number of years and thoroughly enjoying performing and spending time together so we thought ‘why not?’ .... and it saves having to give 2 names to anyone who asks at these events - so 1 name it is just for our collaborations!

Stock Photo
And in the midst of days of foul weather, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, came Saturday with sunshine!!!  It held for us until the middle of the afternoon but with audience members having followed us and waiting to see us perform again, we couldn’t disappoint – as it turned out, dancing in the rain turned out to be a slam dunk and a blast!  3 hip-hip-hoorays for Mother Nature!

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