May 17, 2014

London Orient

I was invited to again dance with Maho, along with Zaida, Laura, Gisella, Shelly and Nenning at the London Orient Festival at the beautiful, and very luxurious, Cumberland Hotel.
rehearsals, pantaloons,

Travelling to London for rehearsals frequently, learning to use the requested 'Thai fingers' and fathoming out how to swap for our zills, searching and ordering wads material with me volunteering to make all 7 pairs of voluminous pantaloons, laying out silk fabric on the dance floor to cut, choreographing the dance with Maho - all became a height of busy industrious people.

cutting fabric
Travelling up by car and train with the Ashnah ladies who came to watch the show, we dined first in London then got ready in the huge changing room with other dancers.  The show went well, and as usual our dance was over before we knew it!!!

On the way home the last train was late, and when it finally arrived we found it only went as far as one stop before ours!!!  No more trains, we decided to taxi the rest of the way, and from there we drove home to Oxfordshire, with me fighting hard to stay awake, and eventually got home at 3am!!!

Thai fingers

 An event I shall remember for a very long time!!!

end result
the dance

having fun

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