November 05, 2013

Sahara Sisters Hafla, Chippenham

Click picture for a slideshow (slideshow by D&D Carrington)
Ashnah at last got to visit the Sahara Sisters at their new home in The Citadel, Wonderfully located in the centre of town, and spent a lovely evening in a very welcoming and lovingly draped hall straight out of something reminiscent of 1001 Nights.

The evening showcased both belly and ATS® from the lovely Raheesha with her Divas all suitably corseted giving us a taste of fiery Spain (ole)! to the equally gorgeous Sundara offering a lovely ATS duet display.  Of course, Ashnah strutted their own stuff and left the ladies and Rachel wishing them a many a happy year and hafla in their new home xx

Slideshow here or click on picture

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