November 05, 2013

East Meets West

Our hostess Arpita Desai beckoned, and the range of eclectic dancers who gave up their time to showcase, was rather impressive.  The fundraiser this year, organised by Mike Daniels and the Rotary Club of Bicester, was in aid of Kidney Research UK, and made all the more poignant as one of our own, Sundara Penny's son Auryn became afflicted with it this past year.  I'm pleased to say that he was there on Saturday fighting his way back to good health.

Ashnah, Ashnah-Talmiz, Nirzari, Sundara and Sundara-Devi
The programme on offer that night included modern dance, classical Indian, bellydance, ballroom, Latin and of course ATS® were all represented. The lady mayoress graced us with her presence and a great night was enjoyed by all.  The show managed to raise just over £3000 for the cause - yay to all the organisers, dancers et all and well done and thank you Arpita!!!

Pictures by Shereen from Nirzari


Alicia Foodycat said...

Well done ladies! My mother has been a renal nurse for 20+ years, so seeing ATS raising money for kidney research makes my heart sing!

Anonymous said...

We raised just over £3000 :)

Tipsy said...

Thanks Foodycat!! It was a brilliant show and so pleased at the amount raised :-)