November 20, 2013

Helen Sleiman Christmas Hafla - Swindon

Ashnah - l-r Kay, Philippa and Rita
Let's hope this latest and most interactive event becomes a fixture.  A family affair fronted by the lovely Helen Sleiman, the evening had everyone bumping and grinding no doubt fulfilling its seeming philosophy of bringing the stage to the audience (how else would you account for a Bellydance showdown)!!  On the programme were belly, tribal, salsa and zumba dancing along with some cancan!!!  Familiar faces had the opportunity to catch up and among other (apologies if I'm leaving anyone out), Nikki, Helen (in her belly, salsa and zumba dancer incarnations), Isisters, Sundara-Devi, the Zumba Swindon team (who I must say had a rather awesome male shimmyer in their midst) and Ashnah, all made for a nice all-round programme.  Oh by the way, we were fed and watered, so what else could we possibly want.

Thanks to all for a fab evening!!!

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