June 10, 2013

Wendy Allen (FCBD®) workshops, Devon

Hosted by Kalash Tribal and Tribal Fire, these workshops had been much anticipated by everyone in my ATS® sorority and so typically, from the 4 corners of our dance world we all met up at Tiverton.  As it turned out Ashnah shared our lovely Angel B&B with Phil Thornton and his lovely wife, and we were able to help him out on the last day when his car developed a faulty clutch, which ensured they made it home safely!

l-r - Rita, Wendy, Philippa, Kay

Workshops ..... it was all about drilling, updating, polishing, tweaking, zilling new rhythms and blending with other rhythms, partnering, dancing cafe style, oooh and baskets, and finally each group sorting out a performance with minimal time eek!!! ... all of which was punctuated by food and rest and lounging in the sun!!

The after-party at Kelley's barn was full of excited chatter, scrummy food and an excellent performance by Wendy Allen of FCBD®... followed by much more dancing (oh so much more) – Heaven!!!

Big thanks to our lovely hostess and their troupes xx

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