June 10, 2013

Oxford Middle Eastern Dance Spring Hafla (OMEDS)

The party this time around definitely had extra tribal flavour – OMEDS extended an invitation to the lovely Maho Beaumont who featured as the guest dancer.  I hope the name will stick – it seemed evident to me that the woman moved like liquid gold - oozing sparkling charm, and pouring over each detail with such finesse! She had everyone entranced and the performance was totally mesmerising.  Maho also shared her platform with our Kay from Ashnah and Sundara’s Lucy Moss.

Kay's OMEDS ATS® Level 1 and Level 2 students performed 2 numbers together along with Kay and Rita zilling in the background, which all went swimmingly well, and Ashnah revived and tweaked an old dance, dusted down the costume, performed it and have now put it to bed for the forseeable future.  

The rest of the evening was very enjoyable with a fabulous showing of traditional bellydancing and fusion tribal.  Of note, a lovely little fairy made her appearance flitting about most gracefully in the lovely shape of Gwen Booth!

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