June 10, 2013

Hilal's Birthday Bash

l-r - Philippa, Hilal, Kay
Being invited to dance at our lovely friend Hilal's birthday bash, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny afternoon enabling us to all get out into her wonderful garden.  Milling around were so many guests, who seemed to be all Nationalities (hardly surprising with Hilal's friendly Turkish nature).

As usual when visiting Hilal's house, there's sumptuous Turkish food, with some guests providing some dishes too - some Polish dish I can't for the life of me remember what the name was!

Then the dancing and music started!!

With Hilal being a dancer in the Oxford Balkansko Oro Balkan Dance Group, they all performed traditional Balkan dances, circling around the garden with their intricate footwork, and with Philippa and I representing Ashnah, we danced 3 numbers (a little tricky on grass).  Philippa cleverly brought 2 left shoes, and as she has a left and right foot (mmm) decided to abandon them and let the grass tickle her tootsies!!

The musical afternoon was rounded off with fabulous Turkish music - Hilal's brother Cahit playing the violin and oud, and his wife Akqul playing the bendir, whilst guests sang Turkish traditional folk songs and danced.


Happy Birthday Hilal xx

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Anonymous said...

I had a great birthday party once more. I am still having emails and comments how good and professional you were. Thank you so much to Kay, Philippa and of course Ashnah.. Hope to see you again and again.. Love you all.. Hilal x