May 08, 2011

Variety Show, St Helen & St Katherine School

Ashnah were invited to take part in a most worthy cause - a show in aid of Against Breast Cancer and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds. The wonderful Variety Show took part in St Helen & St Katherine school theatre on a most humid, sultry evening, which proved extremely difficult for those wearing layers of costume!!! The show consisted of wonderful acts - a singer, comedy, magician, pianist, flute player whilst we opened the show and also our 2nd number closed the show at the end.

In between acts, we waited behind the scenes, nibbling on snacks, drinking plenty of fluids on this hot evening and amused ourselves trying different accessories we stumbled upon in the prop box - numerous styled hats, face masks with various hilarious expressions, ghosts, a coffin (mmm), rabbit's ears and even the pantomime horse complete with 'human legs' got a look in too. We did draw the line when someone came across a blow up sumo wrestler though .........

Enjoy the pictures!!

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