May 21, 2011

Dragon Boats

For the 2nd year running, Ashnah danced at the Abingdon Dragon Boat event, and in all the 3 years we've been together this was the first time we were confronted with chilly damp weather - what a shock to the system brrrrr!!

For 30 minutes we danced a variety of our numbers - a lively one with zills, next a slow and senuous one, a solo from Rita, a stick dance and the finale ended an improvised piece. It's very difficult to dance along by the riverbank as the curse of the long grass dragged at our long skirts causing us to trip as well as the unsure footing in ruts and over bumps making spinning hazardous. Nonetheless, beer, burgers and ice-cream went down well and we all thoroughly had a brilliant time at this fabulous event.

......... wonder if I can fit my lawn mower in the car for next year ..... ?

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