May 08, 2011

Planet Egypt, London

Ashnah's most major and anticipated bellydance event came upon us on the 28th April, and after setting off to London by coach we checked into our hotel, re-boosted our flagging energies with the most delicious pizzas at a local Italian, then proceeded to pamper and preen ourselves in preparation for the night. With much amusement to the taxi driver having 4 costumed ladies in his cab we duly arrived at our venue, Darbuka. By the time Ashnah's performance was up, our costumes had generated so much interest that they got a mention in our announcement!! Our 'sassy chicks' dance performance went across beautifully and left us all buzzing!! A few numbers later (and after what was for me a quick change), my solo was up. As usual, good vibrant music had the audience on side cheering and clapping. It all went well and was certainly an experience not to be missed, culminating in our hostess paying us the best compliment by inviting us back.

The day after our performance, still in London, we took in the wonderful atmosphere of the Royal Wedding celebrations with many other like minded people, cheering at a huge TV screen we happened upon in a bar in Victoria. People were sitting on the floor, bar stools, standing in doorways, craning to see 'that kiss' on the balcony, and rushing outside to the fly past on the planes.

Truly a wonderful 2 days!!

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