April 16, 2016

Oxford Folk Fest

Gathering in the warmth

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More gathering - this time lunch!!
Our first outdoor gig of the year was exciting on so many fronts!  We were almost faced with the prospect of having to zill for the duration until and mercifully Kay managed to find a stockist of that blessed cable we so desperately needed.  That particular hiccup overcome, we managed to make it to our first slot in time at which point we were faced with our second challenge namely freezing snow and rain – you wouldn’t credit it, especially in England, but the group has always managed to perform in sunshine or at least under cloudy skies but this year wasn’t to be - we had snow, we had rain, we had cold, and we had sun.
Our Kaleidoscope collaboration was made up of Nirzari (Angela and Lulu), Zoku (Shelly, Nening, and Charlotte), and our lovely and dishy Marek (Brother Studio and lead of Marekesh Tribe).  Dancers and partners in toe made their way across our fair town and we had a blast.

Dancing at the Pitt Rivers when the sun came out
Missing from this gig were our own Esme, and Nirzari’s Shereen and Melissa, one a new and the other an imminent mum – ladies, never far from our thoughts – until the next one!

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