April 09, 2016

Marek's 40th Birthday Bash - Westcliffe on Sea

Sunny seaside!!
This totally lovely man and Brother Studio decided to celebrate his milestone by throwing the shindig of shindigs and making it a Cancer fundraiser.  Kay, Pips, and I hot footed it there and were fortunate enough to be put up by Marek in his little house at the bottom of the garden (with all mod cons I hasten to add!).
House at the bottom of the garden!

The event had his parents, grand-parents, sisters, nieces, and extended family pitch in to help him celebrate.  The home-cooked food was yummy - Indian cuisine to go with the Indian themed soiree.  The atmosphere was a rockingly cozy soiree where we managed to catch up with so many friends, Sisters and Brothers in ATS®.  I at last met Helen, Deana’s ‘other’ half and both were there with the rest of Tribal Unity, caught up with my Rainbow David whom I hadn’t seen since TT 2 years ago and he was there with his troupe Soluna!!  Not forgetting the most humble and shy of bellydancers, the electric Sunny (Singh) who brought the roof down everytime he came on stage.  We also had Brazilian Copoeira as well as a Japanese act.  I know I’ve left so many people out and I hope you all accept my apologies.

The next day, Kay, Pips, and I had breakfast by the sea which rounded off our weekend beautifully and set us up before making our way home – bliss!
Kay and David from Soluna
Off for breakfast shall we?
Beautiful morning!
Happy as larry ..... for just plain nuts!

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